Consejos de Lama Zopa Rimpoché para Colombia

El siguiente artículo fue tomado del Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive y contiene unos consejos que Lama Zopa Rimpoché dio para Colombia.



In July 2009, Rinpoche checked what could be beneficial for Colombia, as a whole, and sent the following advice to the director of an FPMT center there.

My very dear Greta,

I hope you very well. I wish we could have met in France; the meeting was very good. I hope I can come to Colombia soon. Your good Colombian friend, the doctor, is here and asked me for some advice for Colombia.

I checked and this is what came out as very good to practice for Colombia:

1. Every month make three incense torma offerings to all the devas and protectors called Gyab Ngen Lhasang. If possible, do five a month.

2. As much as possible, throughout the country, spread the Compassionate Buddha mantra OM MANI PADME HUM and Chenrezig meditation. The center and students should do strong meditation on Compassion Buddha. Also, pray for all the drug dealers and gangsters in Colombia to develop compassion. Think that beams of light come out from Chenrezig and purify all the negative karma and defilements collected since beginningless time, and think that the beams fill all the beings in Colombia and the whole world completely with great compassion.

3) Generally, it comes out very good to have many Chenrezig initiations given in Colombia.

4) Recite seven Vajra Claws every day for the country and for peace. Students of the center could do this. Or, if there are any monks or a geshe there, they could do it.

5) Build a statue of Padmasambhava of nine, ten, or thirteen storeys, if possible, at least nine feet high, in the aspect of “Accomplishing Wishes—Sampa Lhundrup.” This is for peace for the whole country and it would be best if the government helped in some way (I am not sure if they will), or business people could contribute towards it.

There was one great Lama in Tibet who advised that if a large Padmasambhava statue had been built in Tibet before China invaded, then Tibet would not have been invaded. The statue wasn’t built. Instead, they built a statue of Yamantaka.

If any geshes visit, they can do some or any of these things. Also, the practices can be shared by students at different centers.

With much love and prayers to you and all the warm-hearted Colombian friends.

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